STB support frame used for a radar tower in Munich

Project:  Weather Radar Tower, Munich

Developer: Deutscher Wetterdienst, Offenbach

Contractor (and Architects): Alpine Bau Deutschland AG, Germany, Munich branch

MEVA Systems: Support Frame STB 300, wall formwork Mammut, circular formwork Arcus, slab formwork MevaFlex

Formwork Engineering: MEVA Germany, Munich branch



STB support frames: versatile to use

Horizontal use in 40 metres height on a radar tower

A weather radar tower was built north east of Munich, Bavaria, to expand the tower network of the German Weather service. The new tower is 45 m high (without radar equipment) and will start service in mid-2012. A service room had to be poured around the pinnacle after the tower had been poured. But how to “build” the required working platform 40 metres over ground if standard solutions cannot work? Answer: Use STB 300 support frames and attach them horizontally to the tower.

Safe pre-assembly on the ground
The segments of the full-circle working platform were pre-assembled on the ground. The planking and the railing was attached to the support frames of a segment, then each segment was crane-lifted and attached to the tower. The combined segments added up to a large and very robust platform.

MevaFlex for the floor
The floor of the service room was poured using the MevaFlex slab formwork that rested on the working platform supported by the support frames.

Walls poured with the Arcus
After the concrete floor of the service room had set, the room’s round walls were poured with MEVA’s circular formwork Arcus. The Arcus formwork comes with a spindle system that allows the radius of the wall to be steplessly chosen and preset (minimum radius is 275 cm). The slab of the service room was also poured using the MevaFlex.

Entrance hall at the tower base
The walls of the entrance hall were poured with the Mammut wall formwork and its slab with MevaFlex.

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