Sports Stadium Pancho in Felcsút near Budapest: Striking Architecture for 35,000 Fans

Developer: A Felcsúti Utánpótlás Neveléséért Alapítvány

Contractor (and Architects): System Nóvum Innovatív Kft

MEVA Systems: wall formwork AluStar, wall formwork StarTec, wall formwork Mammut 350, column formwork CaroFalt, slab formwork MevaDec and MevaFlex, Support Frame STB 450, shoring Tower MEP, MEVA stair tower

Formwork Engineering: MEVA Zsalurendszerek Zrt., Budapest, Hungary

© Takács József
© Takács József
© Takács József


Sports Stadium Pancho in Felcsút near Budapest

Striking Architecture for 35,000 Fans

Dynamic, exciting and unusual: That’s what the audience and fans expect from a good game. And it’s what the architects of the new home stadium for the Hungarian football club FC Felcsút have realized. The contractor chose MEVA formwork solutions for the concrete works.

28,000 m² of walls, 20 to 60 cm thick, had to be poured. StarTec and Mammut 350 wall formwork panels were extended to 3.70 m for the walls of the two lower levels, combined with the support frame STB 450. The StarTec panels were ganged to finish 20 to 30 m long wall slabs in single pours, supporting the tight time schedule.

MevaDec stripped after 3 days
17,000 m² of slabs in the lower levels were formed using an inventory of only 1,200 m² of the slab system MevaDec. The pours were organized in 600 m² cycles, the panels stripped only three days after each pour. This
minimized material and use of space.

Flexible solutions with MevaFlex
The slanted slabs that make up both ground floor and grandstand required a different solution. The contractor
decided on the conventional beam method using the MevaFlex and a facing made of plywood sheets.

Beam wall formwork WTS 20 for architectural concrete
The walls of the ground floor were left exposed as poured and required a high-quality, architectural finish. Here, the site used the beam and facing wall system MEVA WTS 20 with the all-plastic facing alkus.

Safe and fast with CaroFalt
The large number of standard 60 by 60 cm columns were formed using the column formwork system CaroFalt. The shaped columns holding the roof were formed using special steel formwork.

MEP HD shoring tower for roof
While being built, the wooden Roof of the grandstand needed to be supported temporarily. Thanks to their rigid frames, MEP shoring towers proved to be ideal for free-standing supports and high loads at heights of 20m on the eastern and 24 m on the western side of the grandstand. The supports were anchored to the concrete structures using R630 push-pull props and tension belts. Thus secured, they withstood the wind load
and the load of the roof.

Cantilevering shoring towers
The western part of the stadium’s grandstand proved a true engineering challenge. The MEP towers could not
rest on the ground because planting of the playing field lawn had already begun. The towers would have had
to be placed on the lawn in order to support the cantilevering beams of the wooden roof construction. Instead, the engineers placed MEP shoring Towers (reaching 2.20 m over the field) higher up and fixed them to the Towers already in place under the grandstand. The loads were compensated by using push-pull props and column connectors.

RentalPlus: A win-win agreement
The contractor decided to rent the entire formwork material from MEVA in Budapest. A long building period
of more than two years motivated him to choose RentalPlus, a MEVA scheme that covers all repairs, reducing
time and effort, administrative costs and possible disputes at the end of the project. A small fee on the rental
invoice covers cleaning, repairs and facing repairs, possible thanks to the all-plastic facing, the only facing that
can be repaired.

„We’ll purchase the alkus facing!“
The contractor was so convinced of the performance of MEVA’s all-plasticfacing alkus, he decided to purchase
the facing for future exposed concrete pours.

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