All-plastic facing alkus achieves sensational finish on Tullnerfeld Railway Concourse

Project: New railway concourse on the railway line between St. pölten and Vienna

Consortium:TF7 Bahnhof Tullnerfeld AST und Wolff & Müller

MEVA System: Mammut and AluStar wall formwork, special formwork designs, support frame STB 450, shoring system MEP and all-plastic facing alkus

Formwork engineering: MEVA Schalungs-Systeme, Pfaffstätten, Austria



New Tullnerfeld Railway Concourse in Judenau, Austria

Pre-bent alkus facing sheet achieves exceptional architectural concrete finish

The Tullnerfeld Concourse is special since it lies under the railway bed and consists of two tunnels, 62 m long, that function as access area with shops and restaurants.

The tunnels had to be built so as to take the exceptional loads of train traffic running above them. In addition, special emphasis was placed on the architectural finish of the concrete. 52 columns, 340 cm high, but varying in width from 50 to 470 cm, had to be poured in exactly the same concrete finish. To enhance this effect, each pair of columns facing each other had to be completed in a single pour.  MEVA formwork engineers decided on a pre-bent alkus all-plastic facing sheet on a lattice construction that was fitted to two support frames STB 450. The solution proved ingenious and very cost-effective. 

After the first trial runs, the architects and owners were more than happy with the result and the site could begin with the work. Design highlights were added in the process, when the architects chose a particular nail imprint on the columns, changing from pair to pair. Stencils were used and replaced after each pour. 

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