One-family house with black fairfaced concrete in St. Gallen

Project: One-family house in St.Gallen, Switzerland

Contractor (and Architects):  Häusle & Koller AG, Gossau/CH

MEVA Systems: Mammut 350 

Formwork Engineering: Marcel Ferrier (Dipl. Arch. BSA/SIA), MEVA Formwork-Systems, Seon/CH 



Formwork for high architectural demands

Perfect concrete finish with Mammut 350

Switzerland has a long tradition of superior architecture. These sophisticated demands are also attributed to the quality of fairfaced concrete. The Swiss Embassy in Berlin – just opposite the German Chancellor’s Office – is a prominent example. In line with this tradition a striking house with black fairfaced concrete was built in St. Gallen. Special attention was paid to use a formwork system which was most suited to construct this extraordinary building.

The construction of this exceptional domicile posed a challenge to all parties – owner, architect, contractor and also the MEVA formwork experts from the Seon branch office. The renowned St. Gallen architect, Marcel Ferrier (Dipl.Arch.BSA/SIA) designed the building as a “tree house”.
Situated on a steep hill the tall 5-storey concrete complex rises up to the top of a close-by beech tree.
The experts of the contractor “Häusle & Koller Hoch- und Tiefbau AG“ from Gossau/ Switzerland already had a lot of experience with fairfaced concrete – and they accepted this task with the intention to use a very special formwork system on this building site. The professionals of Häusle & Koller knew that the Mammut 350 wall formwork system with the integrated alkus plastic forming face easily meets the high demands made to a perfect concrete finish and a uniform grid of tie holes. For the rooms with heights varying from 2.60 m to 3.30 m the requirement was not to have any horizontal joints in the 25 cm thick walls.

Therefore, it was obvious to use the Mammut 350, since only this formwork system was suited for all room heights without the need to stack panels. The special geometry of the building required a climbing formwork in order to concrete the walls always one pouring cycle in advance. The slab floors were then affixed to the front walls. As required by the architect, this procedure guaranteed that the different pourings for the walls and the slabs did not become apparent on the façade. Häusle & Koller decided to pour the walls in 12 m to 14 m long cycles, using the black coloured concrete which the owner desired. The Mammut 350 with the alkus plastic facing produced an outstanding clean and smooth concrete finish – a result which convinced architect and owner likewise.
Häusle & Koller continue to utilize the Mammut 350 formwork on future projects where fairfaced concrete is required.

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