Pour as fast you can up to 4 m with MEVA wall formwork Mammut 350

Project: Coop logistics centre in Schafisheim, Switzerland

Contractor: Marti AG, Bauunternehmung, Zurich

Bauherr: Coop Genossenschaft, Basel

MEVA Systeme: wall formwork Mammut 350, foldable working platform KAB 190, climbing platform KLK 230, Triplex-R heavy-duty braces

Formwork engineering: MEVA Formwork Systems, Seon, Switzerland



Coop Logistics Centre in Schafisheim: largest private construction site in Switzerland

Large-Scale Logistics on Commercial Construction Site

Retail trade corporation Coop is building a new logistics headquarters encompassing five new buildings, a space of 240.000m² and 1,5 Mio.m³ building volume. It is Switzerland's largest private construction project. The largest single building is the production and logistics centre on 14 levels. Alone the excavation has a 300 x 100 x 25m layout. Contractor Marti from Zurich is using MEVA formwork to complete concrete works, including the wall formwork Mammut 350.

Ganging just once saves time

Thanks to the Mammut 350's panel size range, it was possible to complete 4.15 m pours with just one extension, saving considerable assembly time.

Unlimited pour speed up to 4 m

An additional time saving was achieved by the Mammut 350's high load capacity of 100 kN/m², which allows an unlimited pour speed up to 4 m - irrespective of concrete type and ambient temperatue. It climbs on 100 foldable working platform KAB 190 and climbing platforms KLK 230. The formwork panels are set-up on the KLK using a carriage which allows the formwork to be stripped and retracted safely. The formwork solution allowed the cores to climb climb one level per day. 

The slabs in the high bay warehouse rest on prefabricated columns, 13 m high and weighing 15t. They were supported by 10m heavy-duty brackets Triplex-R. 

The site is confident in maintaining the tight schedule up to completion. 

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