Heinrich Braun Clinik, Zwickau with Spotless Concrete Finish

Project: Heinrich Braun Clinig in Zwickau, Germany

Owner: Heinrich-Braun-Klinikum, Zwickau

Architects and project managers: ABOA Aufbauostarchitekten

Contractor: Vogtländische Straßen-, Tief- & Rohrleitungsbau GmbH, Rodewisch (Vogtland)

MEVA Systems: wall formwork Mammut 350, slab formwork MevaFlex, shoring system MEP, foldable working platform KAB 190 and MEVA FormSet

Formwork engineering: MEVA Dresden



All-Plastic Facing in Mammut 350 Wall Formwork achieves Spotless Architectural Finish

Spotless Architectural Concrete achieved with rented MEVA Wall Formwork

The architects designing this 4 storey clinic building in the East German town of Zwickau had a very smooth, even and high quality concrete finish in mind. The contractor decided that conventional formwork systems with their plywood facing would not deliver the desired result. 

MEVA's quotation convinced the architects, project managers and owers unanimously. It showed a cost-effective solution in that standard formwork equipment from MEVA's rental fleet could be cleaned and prepared especially for this project and with the assurance, that the concrete pours would deliver a constant, high quality concrete finish from the first pour to the last. This promise decided the tender and the site began its work. 

Good preparation is worth its while

MEVA engineers recommended a few additional preparations to ensure fat work progress. First, the panel frames were sealed with sealing strips to prohibit concrete bleed. Second, the panels were quickly cleaned before each pour using a high pressure washer, then treated with a very thin film of release agent FT8. The site proceeded this carefully with every pour and was able to deliver an absolutely constant pour result every time.

Project manager Stefan Fischer, his supervisor Jürgen Ballauf and the entire team achieved this remarkable result through careful work and cleanliness on site.

„I am proud of my team and a job well done with care and diligence“,  says Fischer. „we relied on the right choice of formwork and a partner to support us with the know-how needed to make the job work.“

Super concrete finish achievable with MEVA formwork from rental fleet

The project shows that superior concrete jobs can be done successfully and cost-effectively with MEVA formwork from the rental fleet. A few preparatory steps and careful handling on site make expensive forming attempts unnecessary. The all-plastic facing alkus helped the site maintain a constant high pour quality level throughout the building period. 

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