A strong concept : Bridge Building for beltway M 0 in Budapest

Project: Bridge Building for beltway M 0 in Budapest/Hungary

Contractor (and Architects):
Joint Venture Swietelsky Kft., Budapest and MBI Kft., Budapest
(Bridge 240)
Joint Venture Strabag Zrt, Budapest and Mértan Kft., Budapest
(Bridge 302)
Joint Venture Strabag Zrt., Budapest and Timber Kft., Budapest
(Bridge 307)

MEVA Systems: StarTec frame formwork, Mammut frame formwork, MEP shoring system

Formwork Engineering:  MEVA Zsalurendszerek, Budapest



Variable MEP Shoring System brings to bear all advantages

A simple, sophisticated design featuring few components and time-saving details distinguishes the MEP Shoring System, which consists of only three parts and, yet, is versatilely applicable: as single prop, slab table or shoring structure.

A number of new bridges had to be constructed for a new section of the Budapest beltway M 0. The well-elaborated, cost-effective proposals of MEVA Zsalurendszerek, Budapest won the bid for three bridges. The MEP Shoring System twice played a "supporting" role. It was also applied for the third bridge.

Bridge 240 - Bridge Building
The abutments with a wall thickness of 50cm, a width of approx. 16.70m and a height of approx. 4.00m were easily formed with Mammut frame formwork. For the piers with dimensions of 60x90cm and a height of 6.60m a special 21mm thick forming face was required. Here, the Mammut base frames proved of value, because they could easily be fitted with the custom facing. The MEP Shoring System - made up of props MEP 300 and MEP 450 plus reinforcing frames - served as support for the superstructure. These components were used to build towers of 110x170cm on-site according to the static requirements. The distance between the towers was 1.40m, their height was 6.85m. The superstructure was made up of H20 beams. The upcoming loads required a spacing of 37.5cm for the joists. A 3.50m wide opening had to be provided for the site traffic. In this area the towers had a dimension of 110x55cm. The span was bridged with steel beams.

Bridge 302 - Bridge Building
Basically, this building was constructed in the same manner as bridge 240. The MEP Shoring System served as support. The tower dimensions varied according to the static requirements. That's where the simple adjustability of the MEP prop came into its own, because the bridge is curved and inclined by 40cm. The superstructure also consisted of H20 beams.

He who has once used the MEP Shoring System appreciates the advantage of the SAS quick-lowering system. It allows the stress in the prop to be released with one strike of a hammer. This saves effort and spares the material.

Bridge 307 - Bridge Building
Mammut frame formwork was applied to form the abutments. The carriage way is built from pre-bent precast beams. However, 70 piers arranged in five rows had to be built in advance. They have a dimension of 60x90cm and are 6.40m high. Again, the Mammut base frames guaranteed an efficient application. The integrated plastic strips allowed for a fast and safe attachment of the required forming face by nailing. For the cross beams measuring 150x70cm, the MEP Shoring System with a superstructure of H20 beams proved of value as supporting structure as did the StarTec frame formwork as side formwork.

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