Concrete Recliner

Project: Concrete chairs for outside use

Production and sales: Sindel Hochbau GmbH, Dombuhl, Germany

MEVA Solution: Pre-bent all-plastic sheets welded together and laid on wooden construction

Formwork Engineering: MEVA Formwork Systems, Haiterbach, Germany



alkus Special: Concrete Recliner

Not an everyday idea, buts its robust, weather-resistent and indestructible

Concrete chairs for outside use are the invention of Sindel Hochbau GmbH in southern Germany. The company is usually involved in civil engineering construction and prefabricated concrete parts. Now, Sindel has added chairs, benches, tables and other furniture types for outside facilities in parks, playgrounds, public swimming pools and other locations. It has become a profitable business field. The concrete furniture is poured with the all-plastic facing used in all MEVA products since 2000.

Fit for any shape with alkus
The recliners are produced in concrete using a form made of a pre-bent alkus all-plastic facing sheet. It is not only pre-bent, but also welded together to produce a completely smooth concrete finish without any seams or joints. The sheet is then mounted on a wooden construction. The method used is the same that was applied to the curved 760 m² bus station roof we reported on in FormworkPress IV/2011 and XII/2010.
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