Ballymore Eustace: Ireland ’s largest water treatment plant

Project: Ballymore Eustace, Ireland

Contractor (and Architecturs): Ascon Ltd. Irland

MEVA Systems: Mammut 350, CaroFalt column formwork, Triplex 

Formwork Engineering: MEVA UK



MEVA intensifies business in Ireland

Ballymore Eustace is Ireland ’s largest water treatment plant. Located southwest on the shore of Poulaphuca reservoir, the plant delivers water to Dublin City and thus serves a third of the country’s population. From 2007 until 2011 the plant is being modernised. Work includes the erection of new facilities as well as the demolition and modernisation of existing ones. Since Ballymore Eustace will continue to provide clean water to the citizens, all construction work must be carried out without interference with its water output. All civil and building work is done by Ascon Ltd. Established in 1958, Ascon is the largest Civil Engineering Contractor in Ireland and a member of the Royal BAM Group of the Netherlands . A satisfied MEVA client for many years, Ascon has invested in a substantial MEVA formwork stock. To this was added more MEVA equipment shipped in from MEVA’s logistics centres at Tamworth , UK , and Haiterbach , Germany . By supporting Ascon and the Ballymore Eustace project with their know-how and MEVA formwork, MEVA UK has further strengthened its key position in the local market and proved its exceptional competence.

Proved & Tested: MEVA’s Wall Formwork Mammut 350
Construction work at the plant includes erecting a water reservoir building measuring 125 x 60 metres. It features two basins and different walls: an outside wall up to 10m high and sloped on the outside; a wall separating the two basins, 9.20m high and sloped on both sides; and in each basin a baffle wall 8.75m high. All walls were erected using MEVA’s large wall formwork Mammut 350. The durable and torsion-proof Mammut 350 offers a formwork area of 8.75m² and is ideally suited for industrial buildings with large walls. The sloped walls are up to 55cm wider at the base than at the top, requiring the formwork to be placed at an angle. In addition, the heavy-duty braces Triplex were used to prop the formwork at the high walls and columns. Triplex is a modular prop system. Its components can be combined as required and assembled on site.

Columns Erected With MEVA’s Mobile Column Formwork CaroFalt
The slab covering the basins sits on 216 columns standing in the basins. The columns are mushroom-shaped at the top and have different heights to make up for the sloped ground area and slab. The middle part of each column is 8.10m high and was erected using CaroFalt

A Special Construction Saves Time and Money
As the outer corners of the sloped outside wall taper at the top, formwork for these corners would have required a solution with timber fillers – a time-consuming and costly method. MEVA developed a special formwork construction matching the special geometric requirements. This helped Ascon save time and money.

Last but not Least: the alkus All-Plastic Forming Face
In 2000, MEVA was the first formwork manufacturer to use the pioneering alkus all-plastic forming face. While until recently not widely known in Ireland, alkus was welcome by Ascon and widely used together with the wall formwork Mammut at Ballymore Eustace. Its steady distribution and growing acceptance is also underlined by the fact that Ascon, when lately regenerating its MEVA equipment, had much of their old timber forming face replaced by the alkus forming face.

More to Come and Still Much To Be Done …
The Ballymore Eustace project is enormous and there are more construction phases to follow until 2011. The next one will see the erection of the outlet manifold and the sediment tanks. MEVA is prepared and has finished the formwork plans for the walls and columns of the outlet manifold.

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