School Complex Lenzing: Practical On-Site Report

Project: New School Complex, Lenzing

Contractor (and Architects): Kreuzberger Bau GmbH, Salzburg

MEVA Systems: wall formwork Mammut 350, AluStar, StarTec, heavy-duty braces Triplex, column formwork CaroFalt

Formwork Engineering: MEVA Partner Alzner Baumaschinen GmbH, Obertrum, Austria



A new school and sports complex is being built in the town of Lenzing in Austria. Formwork for slabs, columns and walls was supplied by local MEVA distributor Alzner Baumaschinen to contractor Kreuzberger Bau GmbH.

High walls and fast pours
The main sports has 10 m high walls that needed to be formed in a single pour. In order to optimise workflow and keep inventory as low as possible, Mammut 350 panels (measuring 2.50 m in width and 3.50 m in height) were ganged 4 in a row and 3 up to form a 10 m by 10 m unit with a forming area of 100 m². The unit was supported by Triplex heavy duty braces. The method was simple but convincing: a single formwork unit was employed on the site and shifted from pour to pour every third day. This way, the contractor was able to keep up to schedule with a minimum of assembly work and fewer formwork parts.

„The Mammut is tough. Very tough!”
Supervisor Hans Stranner has witnessed a heavy concrete pour or two in his outstanding career. But the required pour rate on this site awakened his concern: the concrete pressure would be considerable. For safety reasons, he employed pressure gauges (available from MEVA) on the formwork panels to monitor fresh concrete pressure during each pour. The Mammut 350 panels coped well and once again proved sufficient capacity reserves up to 100 kN/m². “In addition, the panel´s all-plastic facing is quick and easy to clean before each pour. That´s a bonus in quality and workflow”.

Service makes the difference
”The precise formwork plan, supervision and support on site, the recommendation that we employ pressure gauges to monitor the concrete pressure on the panels – all these were part and parcel of the full service that made our work easier and, above all, safer” so says project manager and engineer Markus Rösslhuber in commenting on the service offered by MEVA and by distributor and formwork supplier Gerhard Alzner. Senior supervisor Hans Stranner and formwork team leader Martin Flatschacher second this view, but add that the superior quality of the formwork panels contributed to the good quality of the concrete finish.

Architectural concrete finish
The school complex is a skeleton construction on concrete columns which were poured using MEVA´s foldable, mobile column system CaroFalt. Dividing walls are set up between the columns after concrete works are completed. The architects stipulated that the walls should remain as is after being poured. This architectural concrete standard places high demands on the facing – and on the formwork team during each pour. The Mammut 350 panels (3.50 m high and 2.50 m wide) deliver a perfectly symmetrical tie-hole and joint pattern; the all-plastic facing guarantees that no discolouration or warping occurs. In addition, it was possible to attach all door cases to the facing. This is only possible with panels that stay rigid and do not bend under pressure. Otherwise concrete would spill in between possible gaps, leaving unsightly nests.

Efficiency and quality: No contradiction in terms
A visible advantage of the Mammut 350 system is the 3.50 m height of the panels. This allowed all the inside walls to be poured without ganging, which resulted in the absence of horizontal joints. “The symmetry of the tie-holes and smooth vertical joints at 2.50 m intervals delivered a superior concrete finish and appealing overall look. Moreover, workflow was considerably improved“ says project manager Rösslhuber. ”The alkus facing resulted in a smooth concrete finish without stains or imprints. All in all, the formwork solution achieved an economical high-quality result”.

100 % convinced of Mammut 350
Contractor Kreuzberger has been a MEVA client for 20 years and recently decided to purchase the Mammut 350 system. ”The Lenzing project and the rehabilitation project in Oberndorf (Austria) have confirmed out investment decision 100 %”, says Rösslhuber.

Add on rental with RentalPlus
The contractor regularly adds on rental equipment whenever necessary – and always with the insurance policy RentalPlus that covers all subsequent repair, cleaning, refurbishing or similar costs that are normally invoiced at the end of a project. ”No subsequent costs means budgeting safety and less hassle.”

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