New waste bunker in Ludwigshafen

Project: Construction of a waste depot in Ludwigshafen, Germany

Owner: GML Abfallwirtschafts- gesellschaft mbH

MEVA Partner: Baumaschinen Holzhauser GmbH, Kirn/Nahe

Contractor: Ehrhardt & Hellmann Bauunternehmung GmbH

MEVA Systems: Wall formwork Mammut 350, Working scaffold KAB 190, Climbing scaffold 230, Shoring tower MEP, MevaFlex



New waste bunker for heat and power station in Ludwigshafen, Germany

A new waste bunker is being built next to the waste-to-power station of the town of Ludwigshafen,Southern Germany. The station turns the waste of some 800,000 inhabitants into energy. The new bunker is built using special fire-proof concrete as a protective measure after the old one burnt down. The large building parts required heavy-duty industrial formwork for the fast, high pours. 

28 m high walls completed with few height extensions in 9 pours
MEVA’s heavy duty Mammut 350 wall formwork with its 100 kN/m² load capacity proved ideal for the high walls. Pour heights ranged from 2.85 m to 4.07 m, achieved without extensions in all but one with the large-format 3.50 m panels. The walls are climbed with formwork sitting on the foldable working platform KAB 190. The platform, whose benefit is its quick, easy handling, is delivered to the site pre-assembled. The engineers had to come to terms with 90 cm offsets in the walls at a height of 18 m. Here, the Mammut 350 panels were placed on KLK 230 climbing scaffolds. The scaffolds were spaced at 1 m intervals and their load capacity was taken to the limit after careful static calculation by MEVA’s structural engineers. 

High columns in 3 pours plus crane beams at great heights
High columns measuring 17.73 m were also poured with two Mammut 350 panels ganged to a height of 7 m that rested on MEP shoring towers which were later used for the beam and slab works. The 15 m long crane beams are poured at 25 m height using Mammut 350 panels and KLK climbing scaffolds. 

Beams and slabs
MEP shoring towers were set up to a height of 17.73 m to pour the beams and 30 cm thick slabs with MevaFlex. The towers are assembled in two sections safely on the ground, then raised and mounted. Each tower is equipped with two anti-slip working platforms and two fixed ladders for access. The MEP frames make the tower particularly stable and, together with scaffolding tubes, provide all-around worker protection. The props’ load capacity of 40 kN was incorporated into the structural engineering calculations provided by the MEVA engineers. 

Supervisor Gerhard Dickgießer: “The multi-function profiles are very user-friendly. All accessory parts can be attached fast and easily. They are definitely the best formwork feature I have had the pleasure to work with.”

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