Housing Complex Brunnenstrasse, Berlin

Project: Housing complex consisting of 5 blocks, central Berlin

Builder: Cresco Capital Mauerpark Sarl, Luxembourg

Contractor: Anes Bauausführungen GmbH, Berlin

MEVA Systems: Support frame STB 450, Circular column formwork Circo, Wall formwork AluStarTec, Slab formwork MevaDec, MEP props

Engineering and support: MEVA Formwork Systems, Berlin



Countless Number of Offsets, Almost Zero Compensations

“Accommodation desperately wanted!“ is a frequent ad in Berlin’s newspapers. As Germany’s capital keeps attracting new residents from all over the world, the last gaps between buildings are being filled with new residential blocks to create accommodation. MEVA formwork is being used for a series of large housing projects like this mixed residential-commercial complex, which will offer 140 flats, 571 student apartments and space for shops and offices.

All building parts except the stairs and balconies are poured with MEVA formwork. Five blocks with a common underground parking and up to 7 upper floors are grouped around two internal yards. The walls and slabs of all blocks come with a large number of openings, different thicknesses, offsets and light wells. Most wall sections and concrete beams are short and differ in dimensions, all requiring different formwork setups. Large panel gangs for fast pouring could only be used for the basement walls. Many parts, many different sizes, many offsets and openings, a tight schedule – these facts asked for flexible formwork solutions that would allow the site to pour walls and slabs, columns and concrete beams without wasting labour and time on time-consuming fillers and job-built solutions. MevaDec and AluStarTec were the solution that handles the challenges perfectly.

Slabs poured with 2,500 m² MevaDec panels – fast, flexibly and without a crane
All slabs are poured using the MevaDec slab system. As the system is grid-free and the panels can be placed as required by the slab’s geometry – crosswise or lengthwise, slid beyond the drop head and with a change of beam direction possible at any time – the different dimensions and many column openings on this site can be handled with a minimum of fillers. Early stripping and the panels‘ light weight – the 160/80 panels weighs only 23 kg – save inventory and crane time, ease handling, reduce labour and considerably speed up the construction process on this large site.

AluStar & StarTec – time-saving teamplay at its Best
It is the large panel selection and the full compatibility of the light-weight aluminium AluStar panels with the steel StarTec panels that makes the AluStarTec wall formwork unbeatable on sites like this one. No matter what wall or column geometry is to be poured, no matter how many openings or offsets are involved – the AluStar and StarTec panels of all sizes can be combined freely vertically or horizontally to handle all geometries fast and economically. Fast because time-consuming job-built fillers are limited to a minimum (actually, of some 100 building parts in process at the time of this interview only 2 required a filler), and economically because the AluStar and small StarTec panels need no crane and because the large panel selection allows the panel areas to be limited to the pouring areas – without „wasting“ panel-areas.

Detailed planning for complex and simultaneous processes
With many different building parts in different sizes to be poured, detailed plans of all formwork setups were required and a precondition to avoid fillers and use the formwork in the most economical way possible. Not less challenging was the task to plan the cycles to further benefit from all savings all through the building process. Not to forget the restricted inner-city area and limited site access that asked for a detailed planning of material delivery including the ready-mix concrete lorries. Up to this day, everything has worked out perfectly. 

"Particular I liked the easy modification of the MevaDec. Also the reduced inventory through the early stripping method accelerated the process." confirms foreman Frank Bartl.

Frank Bartl
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